The Leftovers – Season 2 – Episode 3

In our catch-up tour of the characters, the next stop we come to is Laurie and Tom Garvey.

This episode goes to show expectations should be put aside when diving into The Leftovers. After a blistering start to the season, filled with intrigue, I had little interest in finding out what Kev Garvey’s estranged wife and step-son had been up to.

Coming in with this low desire to see them may have helped what followed.

It’s an episode filled with tension. They are both helping members of the Guilty Remnant escape and recover. The reappearance of the cult was a sight I’d hoped we’d be spared. But it was silly to think one fire would see them off when they had spread like, well, wildfire.
What follows is an example of belief and hope versus fear.

After two 9/10s we get our first 10/10 show of the season.

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