The Leftovers – Season 2 – Episode 4

Episode 4 throws us back to Kevin Garvey, and more importantly, what happened during his first night in Jarden.

It was neat to connect him to the disappearance of the water and potentially the missing girls. In a sleep walking state, he ended up in the empty river. He inadvertently left his finger print on Evie’s car and left his phone at the scene of the event.

It all makes for good tension building. The desperation passing between all the characters is tangible. The Murphys are struggling to cope with the loss of their daughter and the pressure drives John to extremes.

Kevin tags along, partly through guilt, partly because he’s now a passenger in his own life, sharing the view with Patti. It’s unknown if this element is delivering sound advice or a construct of his fractured mind that’s trying to make sense of the strange new world.

The divisions and lines between people are starting to form.

It’s 8/10 for this episode. A dip from recent showings but this is more of a foundation layer than revealer.

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