The Leftovers – Season 2 – Episode 2

After the introduction to the new town in the last episode, the story starts the process of playing catch-up. The obvious place to start – and the one the show’s writers opted for – was Copper Kevin Garvey and his newly formed dysfunctional family.

We glimpsed them last time out through the eyes of the Murphys. This time we saw how they got there. I’ll keep it spoiler free (within reason) but suffice to say, the cracks are there for our cast to fall through.

Carrie Coon successfully takes on a lead role type performance once again, filling the void left by the missing Jasmin Savoy Brown. Her character Nora Durst, reminds us she is a little cray-cray at times when she refers to her old habit of getting hookers to shoot her.

Kevin reminds us he may be proper cray and not too different from his father. He’s embroiled in unknown madness that could tie him to the climax of the season debut.

Usually backstory can cripple shows, especially so soon after resetting a scene, but it works well here. We need the blanks filling in so that we can move forward understanding the unique challenges facing the characters.

It’s a 9/10 showing once again.

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