Clive Balls to join as WWE Reporter

It’s with great pleasure Simms View announces the arrival of Clive Balls to the writing staff. He will not be (at least, it’s not the plan for now) reviewing movies and television shows, that’s still the reserve of the site’s founder (moi, Danny Simms).

What he will be doing, is bringing his own area of expertise to our pages. For those that recognise the name from the band Esoteric Impulse Project (there can’t be many that have), and worry this is about to become a music review site – fret not. Simms View is all about entertainment on the screen, be it big or small.

No, Clive’s area of personal knowledge and lifelong interest is the world of professional wrestling, or Sports Entertainment as it’s now tagged in America.

Clive’s father had a short-lived wrestling career in Europe, before a neck injury left him wheelchair bound. That hasn’t deterred either of them from following the American counterpart.

Clive was actually approached earlier in the year to cover a major WWE event but declined. Back then, I’d just read his autobiography (Balls to You) and wanted him on the site. I guessed (wrongly), the WWE carrot would get him here. Sadly for me, he’d gone from avid WWE believer to watching only the odd PPV.

Since then, he’s maintained a two PPV a month schedule, and still has major complaints but sees light at the end of the tunnel.

Before he explains his views on WWE since last year’s first Roadblock (the last time he blogged about wrestling), he starts on these shores with his thoughts on ITV bringing back World of Sport Wrestling.

I think you’ll agree, it takes Balls to bring WWE to this review site.

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