Saturday Night Takeaway Returns

A Saturday night takeaway is something that should be picked up in a nightclub at 2am. But to those staying in it means a good curry or Chinese, enjoyed with a bit of Ant and Dec.

Yes, the popular duo is back with their own light entertainment format. This week’s series debut saw them prank a cranky James Corden. It seems having his face splattered across big buildings (they need to be to get it all in) have helped his ego expand quicker than Smithy’s waist line in Gavin & Stacey.

We also saw a wedding proposal. Sadly, she said yes. It would make for better television if the woman gave a harsh rejection. The segment beforehand was good. It followed her parents sneaking around behind the scenes on the girl’s around the world trip.

Martin Sheen should have been a highlight but was underutilised.

The moment of genius came in Ant vs Dec. They chased around a real life Pac-Man board. Instead of eating the dots, passing over them changed them to their individual colour. The one with the most at the end won. That was Dec.

They may do their best gags on I’m a Celebrity… but Saturday Night Takeaway is good natured fun in cynical times.

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